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SkillStation is the all-in-one solution - an online competency management software solution that provides an optimised approach to manage your training, skills and competency records. Overcome the challenges of spreadsheets and paper-based records and take your organisation to the next level.

Certification &
Expiry &
Reporting &

Competency Records

SkillStation provides detailed and easily accessible records to track the journey toward proficiency (competence). This can include any combination of training, assessment and associated evidence.

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Skills Matrix

SkillStation allows you to report against an unlimited amount of training & competency data, using any combination of people and skills. Job roles and tasks can also be included to provide rich succession planning or internal recruitment functionality.

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Training Records

SkillStation enables your organisation to maintain a rich history of all training & development activities. This can cover any type of training and/or assessment (online or offline). Optional expiry warnings (for retraining & reassessment) are also handled automatically, along with the ability to store your supporting certification.

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Certification & Evidence

SkillStation enables you to quickly link documents such as certificates and assessment records to support your training & assessment activities, and to provide evidence of proficiency. Upload documents to SkillStation or create hyperlinks to your internal network or Document Management System.

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Expiry & Retraining

SkillStation will automatically email managers and team leaders to notify them of all pending retraining and reassessments due within their remit. Leaders receive a targeted notification to allow time to coordinate the appropriate activities to ensure competence and proficiency is ongoing.

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Assessment Records

SkillStation enables your organisation to maintain a rich history of all upskilling & assessment activities. This can cover any type of assessment; both online or offline. Optionally combine multiple training & assessment requirements on a per-skill basis to maximise the level of knowledge, understanding and overall competence.

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SkillStation allows important communications to be shared easily across any area of your organisation. Optionally include compliance requirements against key communications, so your people can demonstrate their understanding and conformance.

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Reporting & Dashboards

SkillStation provides powerful and intuitive access to every aspect of your training, assessment and competency data. Display your results using different graphical outputs, or export the data as spreadsheets for deeper analysis.

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Maximising capability, quality and return on investment.

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Train & Develop
Easily capture all training & assessment activities, complete with supporting evidence and historical records.
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Record & Evidence
Drive consistency and standardisation. Breeze through audits with confidence.
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Insightful Reporting
Deliver real value with powerful reporting tools. Customisable dashboards give you full visibility of workforce capability.
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