What is Performance Management?

Performance management is the process of reviewing and providing constructive feedback to people at all levels of an organisation. This should be carried out on a periodic basis appropriate for the people and organisation. The process is quite often referred to as a performance appraisal or performance development review. Whilst a formal review is important it should not replace regular and informal feedback. A good performance review is so much more than the system, template or process used - it's about the quality of the discussion and the actions resulting from this process.

To ensure you identify and mitigate the risk of staff turnover whether planned or unplanned in a controlled way, whilst ensuring you have the right people deployed in the right roles based on capability. This is especially important with key roles and critical skills. An effective succession planning process will identify these roles in a proactive way and develop suitable strategies.

An effective performance management (appraisal or PDR) process can deliver transformational results and value. Examples of benefits include:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased staff retention
  • Higher business outputs and therefore increased profits
  • Reviewing and aligning organisation goals/objectives with those at a departmental and individual level
  • Formalising the frequency of formal feedback
  • Standardising the scope and structure of the feedback and process
  • Reviewing skills and development needs in order to improve performance and capability
  • Acknowledging and recognising good performance
  • Identify and tackling poor performance
  • Establishing employee career ambitions and personal development needs
  • Ability to identify potential successors (succession planning)
  • Produce valuable training needs analysis

SkillStation allows you to deliver an engaging and transformational Performance Appraisal process.

  • Design a range of Performance Appraisal templates for specific roles or functions as one-size often doesn't fit all
  • Ensure your Performance Review is evidence based and utilises the competencies defined and captured within the employee's Skills and Competency Record
  • Consider the wider Competency Framework for each role e.g. technical skills, behavioural and attitudinal, values and cultural alignment
  • Engage employees in an initial self-assessment of their performance
  • Include an assessment of performance over the previous period (six months or one year) and can include competency, training, objectives or actions assigned during the previous Performance Review
  • Set new objectives, training requirements or actions to address the gaps within the employee's competency framework, or aligned to their career plan
  • Link training, objectives and actions to the organisational strategy and objectives
  • Discuss and consider an employee's long-term development plans and career goals
  • Provide an accurate and considered outcome from the performance appraisal process that is standardised and consistent across the organisation
  • Moderate the outcome of the Performance Management process across the organisation to ensure fairness and consistency
  • Report on the outcomes of the Performance Reviews at an individual, function, department, site or organisational level
  • Collate and report on the training, objectives and actions that have resulted from the Performance Appraisal process
  • Provide an opportunity for talent identification, management and succession planning
  • Plan and budget to deliver against the activity agreed during the Performance Review meetings

We have reviewed the Performance Appraisal process and developed a simple and user-friendly approach to help:

  • Optimise this important activity
  • Streamline the process to save time
  • Allow the appraisee and appraiser to appreciate the value from their time invested
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