Training & competency information at your fingertips.

SkillStation enables you to capture detailed evidence of your training, learning and assessment activities, plus the competence and/or compliance outcomes.

Each person’s training & competency record provides a complete illustration of their strengths, development needs and overall proficiency in their respective role. SkillStation captures every aspect of the employee journey from company induction, knowledge/online assessments, on-the-job training, plus evidence of assessment used to determine the level of proficiency.

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Training records

Build a rich history of each person's training activities, undertaken both off-site and on-site. SkillStation captures all aspects of training and mentoring, including the targets and expectations of your organisation.

  • Target levels icon
    Target Levels
    Configure target levels and expectations for skills, which are flexible based upon organisational standards, individual requirements or job/role function.
  • Streamlined Data Entry icon
    Streamlined Data Entry
    Save time by quickly populating SkillStation with your historical training & assessment data imported from Microsoft Excel or via integration/API.
  • Training Scheduling and Booking icon
    Training Scheduling & Booking
    Schedule training courses in the online calendar (optional add-on) and allow people to book their attendance. Print attendee registers and automatically migrate attendance data into people's records to support their competency status.
  • Training Logs icon
    Training Logs
    Optionally enter detailed information for each person’s training, including costs, location, training provider details and duration.
  • Training Reporting icon
    Training Reporting
    Quickly view and report on all of the records using powerful reports including skills matrices, training needs analysis and much more.
  • Share Training Material icon
    Share Training Material
    Link or upload relevant documentation for each skill e.g. presentations, policies, procedures, spreadsheets etc. or link to external sources such as videos, SharePoint documents or eLearning material.
  • Certification and Evidence icon
    Certification & Evidence
    Upload supporting evidence documentation, such as certificates, to support training data and allow easy access for auditing.
  • Retraining and reassessment icon
    Retraining & Reassessment
    Configure expiry/validity periods for skills that require refresher training, or re-assessment. SkillStation will then automatically notify administrators (e.g. team leaders and managers) by email when this is pending or overdue.

Competency records

SkillStation captures the outcome of your training & assessment activities, providing a number of intuitive and helpful actions.

  • Personal Overview icon
    Personal Overview
    Display an overview of each person's skills and competencies. This can represent any combination of job role(s), plus additional skills relevant to each person's duties.
  • Detailed Background Data icon
    Detailed Background Data
    Get detailed background data and evidence with just an extra mouse click, including historical training & assessments plus the details for each.
  • Targets and Outcomes icon
    Targets & Outcomes
    Clearly define the expectations of your people by adding descriptions and helpful information to your organisational skills, targets and outcomes.
  • Gap Analysis icon
    Gap Analysis
    Quickly see if gaps exist at an individual level, or across the organisation for any combination of skills, people or job roles.
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