Competency Management

Ensure capability and proficiency against defined standards

What is competency management?

Competency management is the process of identifying and assessing the capability of your workforce in terms of:

  • Training
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Proficiency
  • Behaviours
  • Values
  • Compliance

What is the difference between training and competence?

Competence is a measure of capability assessed against a defined standard such as a procedure or standard operation, whereas training is the process/input that delivers the knowledge, skills and capability. It’s important that competence is not assumed, but assessed and demonstrated.

What are the benefits of effective competency management?

In many organisations there is still an approach and focus on training and training management, instead of competence. There is a clear difference in that training isn’t always assessed or results in increased capability/proficiency. When done effectively, competency management will provide the evidence to demonstrate and ensure you have:

  • A safer workforce resulting in reduced risk
  • A compliant workforce in the context of policy and procedure
  • A more effective and efficient workforce
  • A more proficient workforce
  • A better engaged and optimised workforce

Attendance at a training course does not always results in improved knowledge, skills or proficiency. In fact, in the majority of cases training can sometimes simply tick a box (compliance-focused) but not actually deliver any benefit to the individual or the organisation. Many organisations still adopt and use records of training, such as a skills matrix or training matrix, but lack any form of assessment/verification as to whether the employee has achieved the required level of proficiency (competence) as a result of your investment.

Why are Think Eleven the perfect organisation to help with competency management?

Our team understand and recognise the importance of competence and the full cycle of training, learning and development resulting in increased levels of competence and proficiency. We are also able to apply a systems-based approach to standardise and optimise your approach to competency management.

Why is SkillStation the perfect tool to assist with competency management?

Our SkillStation competency management software allows organisations to effectively and efficiently manage competency frameworks and all associated learning and development processes. Our cost-effective and user-friendly software allows employees to take ownership of their personal development, and line-managers to review and optimise the performance of their teams.

SkillStation will digitalise your conventional approach to training and development, and in doing so:

  • Reduce bureaucracy
  • Centralise and standardise your records
  • Provide organisational and individual data at your finger-tips
  • Support wider people processes such as talent management, performance management and succession planning
  • Give you full visibility and control of your greatest asset, your people

In addition to keeping a detailed history of each person’s training and assessments, SkillStation tracks your most important metric for success. Ensure that your organisation creates actual value from your investment in training and assessment by managing and ensuring the proficiency of your people.

SkillStation clearly shows the proficiencies of each person, and allows fast interrogation when background evidence or further data is required.

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