Deliver workforce competence and capability.

Quickly and easily ensure workforce competency and capability with SkillStation's competency record features. Detailed and readily accessible records and assessment tools, allows you to effortlessly track the workforces journey toward proficiency and competence. From training sessions to assessments and associated evidence, SkillStation provides a comprehensive overview of each individual's development..

SkillStation gives you the tools to monitor progress, identify improvement, and recognise achievements along the way. The user-friendly interface makes accessing and interpreting records simple, enabling you to make informed workforce decisions quickly and effectively.

Competency Record

In SkillStation, your skills are meticulously crafted with target proficiency levels, each accompanied by transparent objectives or standards. Enjoy the versatility of SkillStation, allowing customisation of targets to align with individual or job-specific needs, empowering growth and development.

Uncover subject matter experts and nurture the advancement of colleagues' proficiency levels through targeted skill development initiatives. SkillStation serves as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement, driving organisational excellence.

  • Easily upload or link to an unlimited number of documents
  • Quick access to certification and evidence of skills and qualifications
  • User-friendly interface for easy document managements
  • Centralised and convenient document management

SkillStation allows you to effortlessly upload or hyperlink to an unlimited number of documents, enabling comprehensive support for every individual's training and assessment journey. These documents serve as a record of evidence for skills and qualifications, ranging from essential certificates to specialised licenses. Whether it's showcasing a First Aid Certificate, a CSCS Card, or a Forklift Truck License, SkillStation ensures that your team's credentials are securely stored and easily accessible.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of managing these documents, providing intuitive organisation and quick retrieval when needed. Coupled with the easy tracking of certification expiration dates, ensuring compliance and readiness at all times has never been easier.

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  • Demonstrate workforce competency using comprehensive assessment tools
  • Capability to evaluate both knowledge and practical skills
  • Create internal assessments tailored to your organisation's requirements
  • Capture external assessments conducted by third parties

Ensure your training plans deliver tangible benefit to the workforce and organisation through rigorous assessment and verification processes. SkillStation facilitates comprehensive evaluation covering both knowledge and practical skills, ensuring that your people are not only trained but are also able to demonstrate competence in their respective roles.

SkillStation’s assessment tools encompass internal and external assessments, providing a holistic approach to validating competencies. Internal assessments can be tailored to your organisation's specific requirements, allowing you to gauge proficiency levels accurately. Additionally, external assessments by third parties can be easily captured, further bolstering the credibility of your workforce's capabilities.

Because SkillStation integrates knowledge and skills assessments seamlessly, you can gain valuable insights into the strengths and areas for improvement within your team. This enables further targeted training initiatives and personalised development plans, fostering efficient and cost-effective continuous improvement.

  • Automatic monthly email reminders for expiry dates and retraining/re-assessments
  • Easily view future and historic expiry dates for better planning
  • Grant managers autonomy in tailoring support and resources
  • A competency management system provides richer data and insights than conventional training matrix software

Maximise efficiency with SkillStation's automatic reminder system, ensuring you never miss important expiry dates for certifications or retraining/re-assessment deadlines. Our platform takes the guesswork out of compliance by sending timely email notifications, providing peace of mind and eliminating the risk of overlooked dates. With easy visibility of both upcoming and historical expiry dates, you can be proactive in managing your team's competency requirements.

Empower line managers with localised ownership by granting them the ability to manage their team's training and assessment needs directly within SkillStation. This decentralised approach fosters accountability and engagement at the team level, allowing managers to tailor support and resources according to individual needs. Meanwhile, central super users retain overarching visibility and control, ensuring consistency and alignment with organisational goals.

By combining localised ownership with centralised oversight, SkillStation offers a balanced approach to competency management, driving efficiency and accountability across all levels of your organisation.

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Use SkillStation to easily capture your training activities for both online and offline activities e.g.

  • Easily capture training activities, whether online or offline
  • Accommodate various types of training modalities for example:
    • Knowledge and understanding
    • On-the-job and off-the-job training
    • Internal or external delivery
    • Refresher courses and vendor training
    • Coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Effortlessly input training data for individuals or import large volumes
  • Make informed decisions, track progress, and drive continuous improvement

With SkillStation as your comprehensive training activity hub, effortlessly capture both online and offline training. SkillStation offers various training modalities, ensuring that all types of activities are seamlessly integrated and recorded. Whether it's on-the-job or off-the-job training, internal or external delivery, refresher courses, vendor training, or coaching and mentoring sessions, SkillStation has you covered.

Streamlined data entry processes make adding training data for specific individuals or importing large volumes of data swift, easy and accurate.

Accessing and managing training information is a breeze with SkillStation. View all relevant details in an individual's Competency Record or leverage the comprehensive reporting tools for deeper insights and analysis. SkillStation empowers you to make informed decisions, track progress, and drive continuous improvement effortlessly. The detail captured by competency management software (SkillStation) far exceeds conventional training matrix software.

With SkillStation, you have everything you need to empower individuals and managers, whilst also centralising and optimising your training management activities, enhancing competency management across your organisation.

  • Gain insights into workforce alignment with organisational values and culture
  • Capture evidence of behavioural alignment for holistic evaluation
  • Foster a culture of excellence by recognising and rewarding alignment

Gain deeper insights into your workforce's alignment with your organisational values and culture by assessing and capturing evidence of behavioural alignment. SkillStation provides a comprehensive view of individuals, allowing you to assess not only their skills and qualifications but also their attitudes and behaviours.

With a focus on holistic evaluation, SkillStation enables you to track and measure behavioural indicators that reflect your organisation's core values. By using competency management software you can capture evidence of alignment, identify individuals who embody your organisational culture and contribute positively to your overall mission and objectives. SkillStation allows you to strengthen organisational cohesion and drive collective success through shared attitudes and behaviours.

Report on every aspect of training, assessment and competency easily viewed using powerful and flexible reports. Display results as tabular data or in groups with graphical summaries to quickly highlight strengths or to perform gap analysis.

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