Ensuring the proficiency of your workforce.

SkillStation provides detailed and easily accessible records to track the journey toward proficiency (competence). This can include any combination of training, assessment and associated evidence.

Competency Record

Your skills are created in SkillStation with target levels, each of which can be enriched with clear objectives or standards. SkillStation also provides the flexibility of varying targets to suit individual or job role requirements.

Identify subject matter experts while encouraging the development and proficiency of colleagues.

Upload an unlimited number of documents to support each person’s training or assessment history. Documents may include certificates or licences e.g. First Aid Certificate, CSCS Card, Forklift Truck Licence etc.

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Demonstrate that your people are not only trained but have been assessed and verified as being competent. This process can cover the following:

  • Knowledge and/or skills assessments
  • Internal or external assessments

Benefit from automatic reminders regarding expiry dates and retraining/re-assessments. SkillStation will help you avoid missed dates while providing easy visibility of all future and historic expiry dates.

Encourage localised ownership by allowing line managers to benefit from managing their team, while allowing centralised ownership and visibility for super users.

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Use SkillStation to easily capture your training activities for both online and offline activities e.g.

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • On-the-job and Off-the-job
  • Internal or external delivery
  • Refresher training
  • Vendor training
  • Coaching and mentoring

Training data can be entered for specific individuals, or imported in large volumes delivering effortless population.

All of the above information can be quickly and easily viewed in a person’s Competency Record or through our comprehensive reporting tools.

Capture evidence of behavioural alignment to provide a holistic view of individuals aligned with your organisational values and culture.

Report on every aspect of training, assessment and competency easily viewed using powerful and flexible reports. Display results as tabular data or in groups with graphical summaries to quickly highlight strengths or to perform gap analysis.

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