Competency Framework Development

Improving and adding value to your talent management processes and systems.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.

Henry Ford

Move beyond records of training

One of our specialities is helping organisations move beyond records of training and skills matrices to the development of transformational competency frameworks.

More organisations are moving towards competency frameworks that define and capture broader information than that captured in a conventional training matrix or skills matrix.

The scope of a competency framework also tends to cover broader range of employee attributes as illustrated below. Technical competence is obviously important for any role or function, however, it’s equally important to ensure that employees have the right:

  • Behaviours
  • Values
  • Management skills
  • Leadership skills

It is also important to ensure that you the following aspects within your competency framework:

  • Generic training and skills such as your Company Induction and On-Boarding process
  • Quality is an essential and important component of any organisation
  • Health & Safety of your people is of paramount importance and needs to be maintained
  • Environmental awareness, compliance and competence is another hugely important area

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