Skills Passports

Instant access to competency data on mobile devices

Optional SkillStation Add-On Module

Skills & safety passport data on demand

This provides remote verification of proficiency by allowing access to personal training, assessment & competency records. Simply scan a QR code on a person’s identity card to see their data. These cards can form the basis of any organisation’s Skills or Safety Passport.

Think Eleven have partnered with ID Card Limited to provide a fully-integrated service using your existing training & competency data.

1. Design your ID cards

You decide what fields to put on your cards (e.g. name, department or photo). Cards can be branded with your organisational logo or left intentionally plain for increased security. Your ID cards can even contain electronic chips for access to your building etc. You can design your own card, or we can do this for you.

2. Card added to SkillStation

We add the card details to our database so that these can be automatically populated with personal data when you order more cards .

3. Order your cards

Simply select the people who need cards, and choose your delivery address. Your payment balance is deducted from a pre-paid amount. It’s that simple.

4. Wear and scan your card

Scan the card with any mobile device that has a QR code scanner app (there are plenty of free apps available) to see that person’s record and all supporting data. Note that this requires an internet-connected device, and a SkillStation administrator login with the correct privileges to view this data.

Additional Services

Our identity card partner (ID Card Limited) also offer additional services such as worldwide shipping and card accessories (e.g. lanyards, clips and holders).

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