Competency Advice & Guidance

Expert advice and guidance for your competency & talent management questions

Our experts are happy to discuss any aspect of your competency framework, or talent management processes. This is a commitment-free service that does not require any other purchase of our goods – you do not need to purchase a SkillStation license to benefit from our expertise.

Often within organisations the competency framework and assessment methods may become fragmented. This is often caused by rapid growth, changes in managerial positions, or pressure to produce goods cheaply at the expense of investing in people. Over time this leads to a significant reduction in quality, standards, output and efficiency.

We’re happy to help you strive for perfection by offering our expertise. To keep your investment to a minimum and provide a maximum return, we charge a competitive hourly rate that ensures you only pay for the help you need.

Competency Framework Development

We can examine your skills and competency framework structure and look at the effectiveness of your assessment and recording methods. We can also help you create, apply and maintain organisational standards, with effective communications to ensure managerial buy-in.

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Competency Libraries

We will work with you to development your skills and competency library. This can often involve streamlining process and suggesting time-saving approaches that can save money and reduce administrative burden. We will also help you to communicate and deploy your skills & competencies.

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SkillStation Implementation

We will help you deploy SkillStation effectively within the business, ensuring that your competency framework is mapped to SkillStation effectively, and that the software functions are providing you with maximum value.

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SkillStation User Training

We can train your super users to be software experts, and can even train your line managers to manage their teams and skills effectively.

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SkillStation Integration

Our technical team will help you import or export data from SkillStation. This can include the automatic migration of your HR data to automatically create your SkillStation people accounts, or the exporting of data to 3rd-party reporting and dashboarding tools.

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Please engage with us if you’d like to explore how our expertise can benefit your organisation. Our initial discussions are no-pressure, risk-free discussions with experienced professional who love to help.

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