Clearly define objectives and effectively close skill gaps

  • Define actionable steps to close competency gaps or complete tasks.
  • Self-development to-do list for individuals and managers to define and monitor actions.
  • Link action plan items to skills or operate independently from the competency framework.
  • Classify actions as training requests, general actions, or objectives.
  • Identify and create actions outside of the conventional performance review cycle.

Empower your team with the Action Plan optional add-on module designed to streamline competency development and task completion. This feature acts as a dynamic self-development to-do list, allowing individuals and managers to define actionable steps and monitor progress until completion.

With the Action Plan, you can seamlessly link objective items to specific skills within your competency framework or keep them independent, indicating a need to expand the scope of your framework. Whether it's requesting training, setting objectives, or outlining general actions, SkillStation ensures clarity and alignment with your development goals.

Experience enhanced efficiency and accountability, streamline workflows, track progress, and drive continuous improvement with ease.

Leverage SkillStation's versatile functionality by strategically linking action plan items to your organisation's business objectives or performance criteria. These actionable insights are seamlessly integrated across SkillStation's suite of tools, providing a comprehensive platform for decision-making and performance management.

By aligning action plan items with strategic goals, SkillStation empowers you to make informed decisions and drive progress towards key objectives. The contextual relevance of these actions enhances the depth of reporting capabilities, allowing for targeted analysis and actionable insights to optimise performance and drive organisational success.

  • Seamless integration with the Performance Appraisal module for accessing action plan items.
  • Flexibility for ad-hoc updates outside the formal appraisal cycle.
  • Emphasis on the quality of discussions for effective performance management.

The Action Plan module enhances the functionality of SkillStation's optional Performance Appraisal module. Seamlessly access action plan items created during the appraisal process within the action plan, enabling ad-hoc updates outside the appraisal cycle to maintain accurate records and reports and to add agility within your processes. SkillStation helps you to go beyond just processes; it's helps to foster quality discussions and drive continuous improvement throughout your organisation.

If the optional Performance Appraisal module is utilised, then action plan items created as part of the appraisal process can be accessed within the action plan. This allows for ad-hoc updating outside the appraisal cycle to keep records and reports up-to-date. Remember that it’s not just about the process, but the quality of the discussion.

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The comprehensive reporting capabilities of SkillStation, allows detailed analysis of Action Plan items. Gain insights into progress to-date, estimated costs, and completion data, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Easily access individual action plans directly from overarching report results, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency.

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