Clearly define objectives and effectively close skill gaps

This optional add-on module provides the functionality to define actions that people must take to close competency gaps or complete tasks. It functions as a self-development to-do list, where actions can be defined by either the person or their manager, then monitored until completion.

Action plan items can be linked to skills, or can exist independently from the current competency framework (e.g. indicating a requirement to expand the scope of your framework). Actions can also be classified as:

  • Training requests
  • Actions
  • Objectives

Action plan items can be given additional context to help decision-makers approve or decline them. Details can include the measure of performance expected on completion, requirements for completing the item (e.g. training and/or support), and how the activity relates to an individual’s job role or function.

Action plan items can be linked to strategic business objectives or performance criteria; lists that are available to support various functionality within SkillStation. This context can help with decision making, and provide targeted reporting.

If the optional Performance Appraisal module is utilised, then action plan items created as part of the appraisal process can be accessed within the action plan. This allows for ad-hoc updating outside the appraisal cycle to keep records and reports up-to-date. Remember that it’s not just about the process, but the quality of the discussion.

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All aspects of action plan items can be reported on in detail, including progress to-date, estimated costs and completion data. Individual action plans can be accessed quickly from overarching report results. 

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