What is Compliance?

Compliance is the requirement and ability for an organisation to act within a defined set of rules / specifications, whilst demanding alignment and evidence that your polices, procedures and subsequent activity meet the defined requirements. The standards for compliance will vary depending on sector / industry.

An international standard for quality management
An international standard for environmental management
An international standard used in the Automotive Manufacturing sector
Federal Drugs Administration (FDA)
An international standard used in the manufacture of food, drugs and medicines
Care Quality Commission (CQC)
A standard used in the care and health sector
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
A standard used in the Financial Service sector

There are many more standards covering wider sectors and specific activities.

Compliance ensures a standard or specification is achieved at a consistent level, and requires proof/evidence that this is the case.

Organisations are regularly audited to ensure that they are operating to the defined standard, and have evidence and records to demonstrate this. Compliance provides assurance to the customer that you are able to meet the sector/industry standard consistently by operating within defined standard(s) for your chosen sector.


A legislative framework covering your activity in which you have to operate and demonstrate compliance


A regulatory framework that you operate within and have to demonstrate compliance


Sector/industry standards where you have to demonstrate compliance


Imposed standards that customers expect and require compliance against


Your own standards and methods that you will internally audit for compliance

Think Eleven have successfully worked with clients across a diverse range of industries.  We empower you to apply best practice to compliance management & monitoring and achieve the subsequent benefits from this.

Our methods work well for organisations of all sizes, and clients range from less than 10 people to over 8,500 across multiple continents, with many thousands of skills and proficiencies.

Compliance against standards and wider communications is essential in many regulated sectors. SkillStation empowers you to conveniently manage compliance in addition to other crucial metrics such as technical skills, training, competencies and behaviours.

SkillStation provides a huge amount of intuitive functionality:

  • Store your documentation/communications online, or link to documents in your own IT infrastructure, e.g. SharePoint
  • Create workflows in your document management system to expire compliance records when document revisions change
  • Send important communications to people who require compliance, including bespoke compliance statements that must be electronically accepted
  • View the date communications/documents were read, and when compliance was attained
  • Powerful and intuitive reporting on compliance/non-compliance, plus proactive reminders on reassessment/retraining dates
  • Create compliance matrices in seconds to perform gap analysis across any combination of people/compliance requirements
  • Automatic email notifications in advance of compliance renewal being required
Image of a SkillStation dashboard

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