Delivering transformational change

SkillStation can help to make transformational change within your organisation. This begins with an effective implementation strategy. Using our experience, we can help devise an implementation plan to ensure smooth adoption and rollout of SkillStation.

For medium-large organisations, we recommend targeting deployment at a target group within the organisation. This may be a high-risk/high-priority group. This ensures that the generic proficiencies can be factored into the competency framework (which then become easily re-useable across the wider audience), plus any target group-related proficiencies.

Following a successful target group deployment, our approaches can be re-used to encourage deployment across a wider audience.

The pay-as-you-go pricing model provides amazing value and is as flexible as your requirements.

Our training plan is created based around your aspirations, and will empower your administrators to get maximum value from SkillStation.

We will train your people to become SkillStation specialists, who can then train your localised administrators. Alternatively, we can also train your administrators based on their roles/remits.

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We will provide as much help or support as you need to successfully implement SkillStation. Our software experts and competency consultants can provide assistance for any of the following:

  • How your existing training/assessment strategies can be streamlined and/or represented in SkillStation
  • How to utilise SkillStation to satisfy a particular aspiration/requirement
  • How to structure and streamline your competency framework
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