Reporting & Dashboards

Training & Competency Information at your Fingertips

SkillStation provides powerful and intuitive reporting across every aspect of your talent pool and competency framework. 

Talent & Competency Dashboard

Your customisable dashboard provides a high-level overview of key talent and competency metrics. For example:

  1. Assessments requiring moderation
  2. Average competency levels
  3. Pending retraining and re-assessments
  4. Login and user engagement

Dashboard widgets provide quick access to underlying reports delivering training & competency information tailored to your requirements.

Talent & Competency Reports

Powerful and user-friendly reporting allowing localised ownership and accountability.

Super users can report on any aspect of the talent and competency framework, while localised managers’ report on people/skills within their remit. This enables teams to be self-sufficient, while providing high-level reports to pass audits with confidence.

Competency Reporting

Visibility of all areas of competence and non-competence, with secure access to historical data and supporting evidence.

Skills Matrix Reporting

Create skills matrices by role, department, site, or any customised view of people/skills.

Training & Assessment Reporting

View training attendance, outcomes and evidence. Also quickly see all overdue or pending retraining/re-assessments.

Succession Planning Reporting

View gender and age distribution across different areas of the organisation. Quickly find successors based on individual skill profiles or job role requirements. 

Compliance Reporting

View compliance and non-compliance against policies, procedures, skills or communications.

Talent Reporting

Check the progress & outcomes of staff appraisals including the progress of closing the resulting actions such as training, skills and compliance gaps.

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