Comprehensive talent & competency dashboards

Your customisable dashboard provides a high-level overview of key talent and competency metrics. For example:

  • Assessments requiring moderation
  • Average competency levels
  • Pending retraining and re-assessments
  • Login and user engagement

Dashboard widgets provide quick access to underlying reports delivering training & competency information tailored to your requirements.

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Talent & competency reports

Powerful and user-friendly reporting allowing localised ownership and accountability.

Super users can report on any aspect of the talent and competency framework, while localised managers’ report on people/skills within their remit. This enables teams to be self-sufficient, while providing high-level reports to pass audits with confidence.

Visibility of all areas of competence and non-competence, with secure access to historical data and supporting evidence.

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Create skills matrices by role, department, site, or any customised view of people/skills.

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View training attendance, outcomes and evidence. Also quickly see all overdue or pending retraining/re-assessments.

View gender and age distribution across different areas of the organisation. Quickly find successors based on individual skill profiles or job role requirements. 

View compliance and non-compliance against policies, procedures, skills or communications.

Check the progress & outcomes of staff appraisals including the progress of closing the resulting actions such as training, skills and compliance gaps.

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