SkillStation User Training

The best return on your investment with streamlined and effective use.

In addition to online help and additional support documentation, Think Eleven will ensure that your people are not only trained and competent to use SkillStation, but are providing a return on your investment with streamlined and effective use.

Training to suit your requirements

We will train your key users (e.g. super users or key administrators) to use the functionality that provides the greatest return on your investment. Our training plan will be tailored to your aspirations and requirements and will ensure that your people quickly become proficient in the management of your competency framework. We can also train your team leaders and line managers, or this can be done by your super users, providing a bespoke and streamlined deployment model.

Onsite or Online Training

Training sessions can be delivered onsite or online depending to suit your geographic location and availability. Sessions can also be delivered to individuals or groups to provide maximum value.

Refresher Training

We can provide refresher training where appropriate, tailored to each person’s role/remit within your organisation.

Expert help

Should your super users require any help or assistance (regarding either software usage, best-practice, or data structure), our friendly experts are here to help.

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