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Hazlemont Care

We’re really impressed with how affordable and straightforward adopting SkillStation has been. It’s a game changer in terms of how much time its saving us in admin and the insights we can gain from the reporting features.

The assistance & expertise provided by Think Eleven has been exceptional and we would confidently recommend their product and services.

Hazlemont Care logo Manjit Verdi, Director


We are pleased that we found Think Eleven and SkillStation (their online training, skills, competency, compliance & performance system), to support our business.

The expertise and experience provided by the Think Eleven team has been invaluable; supporting and challenging our approach from traditional training and development, to one of competency management (a focus on output versus input).

As an Upper-Tier COMAH site, it is essential that we have evidence of trained and competent staff. SkillStation delivers this in a simple, effective and intuitive way.

If you are looking for a company who do what they say on the tin, and offer outstanding customer support, then look no further than Think Eleven - they really are one better for competency management.

Treatt client logo Rob A, Competence & Compliance Manager

Expro (Oil & Gas)

SkillStation has provided us an excellent platform to standardise our approach to training, competence and compliance across our Global business. With the support of your staff, we have implemented a skills and competence system which provides visibility and resource planning of talent and capability across our entire business.

The level and detail of reporting is superb and we are now progressing to implement the Performance Management module of the system which will add even further value. I would recommend SkillStation to any business without reservation.

Expro client logo Carole P, Group Learning & Development Manager

Argos Financial Services

SkillStation does everything you would expect from a training and competency database. Its functionality is simple and effective, making the journey through training, to attaining competence and maintaining it about focusing on development as opposed to time spent on focusing on difficult or onerous documentation procedures.

The Support & Customer Service Team at Think Eleven have been massively supportive, and are very knowledgeable not only about their own product, but in relation to their subject matter as a whole which has meant they have had valuable input into the way in which we have approached the implementation of SkillStation into our business. The flexible and committed approach from Darren and David has been excellent and this has made the whole project enjoyable.

Argos client logo Chris R, Collections Administration

Railway Support Services Ltd

Training, competence and compliance management are of paramount importance at Railway Support Services. That’s why we’ve invested in SkillStation to support the management of these important processes.

The adoption of SkillStation has streamlined our processes and provides proactive visibility of our training and development needs including advanced notifications of recertification and competency expiry.

The team at Think Eleven have been excellent, supporting our transition from our previous approach and system to SkillStation.

Railway Support Services Paul F, Operations Manager, Railway Support Services Ltd

Raymond James Investment Services

As ever SkillStation is definitely ‘fit for purpose’! It does just what we want it to. Excellent customer service – swift and efficient.

Raymond James client logo Claire H, Branch Supervision Manager

Sinso Retail Support

The SkillStation software developed by Think Eleven provides everything that we need as a business. What was most impressive was the work put in by the Think Eleven team to ensure that all of our competency framework and skills matrix measurement criteria was correctly mapped into SkillStation, giving us an end product that we could both use immediately and which we were sufficiently trained in to use the system to grow and adapt with our needs. Altogether, a very good experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending Think Eleven Ltd.

Sinso Retail client logo Lee S, Business Development Director

Gesipa (Blind Riveting Systems)

SkillStation is proving to be an invaluable tool and one which really impressed the BSI Auditor during our recent reaccreditation audit. It is flexible and versatile and can be developed to meet company's individual requirements. We have recently developed a training plan template which links individual employee training needs directly with the data on SkillStation.

With the training plan identifying areas to be worked on, and SkillStation recording levels of competence already achieved, the two systems dovetail together to ensure we are meeting our training requirements and most importantly, improving our customer satisfaction.

Gesipa client logo Julie P, Human Resources Manager

Interserve PriDE (Construction Services and Support)

SkillStation is so easy to use; I wish all systems were like that.

Interserve logo Debbie L, Business Process Implementer

BeeSpeed Automatizari SRL (Automotive Systems)

You are such a nice team; you have good and helpful colleagues; your support is great!

Beespeed client logo Diana S, HR Consultant

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