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SkillStation ensures that your people are up-to-date with all of your important organisational communications.

Effective communications are essential for compliance management in fast-paced industries where evidence of regulatory compliance is essential, or where important changes and frequent bulletins need to be communicated quickly to internal audiences. Communications are not just sent via SkillStation, but can also be issued via email too. You choose the most effective method(s) of communication.

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SkillStation enables you to create announcements and communications targeted at any audience in seconds - across the entire organisation or to specific individuals, teams or sites.  Documents can be attached to announcements, and marked with high priority where required. Announcements can also be filtered so that new employees don’t see historical announcements that may not be relevant to them.

Announcement and communication compliance can be managed independently from your general skills and competency framework. This provides the reassurance and evidence that your people are receiving and understanding important changes that may affect their duties, while keeping the competency framework streamlined and fit-for-purpose.

Ensure individual responsibility and accountability for the timely and accurate dissemination of crucial organisational communications.

SkillStation enables you to track the dissemination of important announcements and compliance notifications. This allows you to have greater accountability and transparency with important communications, promoting a culture of individual accountability and compliance throughout the organisation.

SkillStation provides detailed reporting on announcement compliance and non-compliance, for both organisational-wide and individual levels. Monitoring compliance status and identify non-compliance issues with precision is easy with SkillStation.

Ensure compliance with regulatory, legislative, and organisational requirements by leveraging SkillStation to effectively communicate and record important communications and bulletins. SkillStation ensures seamless dissemination and recording of critical information, helping your organisation meet its obligations and maintain compliance effortlessly.

Benefit from streamlined communication processes and accurate record-keeping, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. SkillStation empowers you to stay ahead of regulatory changes, ensuring that vital information reaches your team promptly and is properly recorded and evidenced for audit purposes.

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