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6 Aug

5 Tips for Effective Induction and On-boarding

We’re all aware of the saying, “Make sure you make a good first impression.” So why does this typically not happen or apply to your induction and on-boarding process?

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16 Jul

Think Eleven - Q3 2020 Newsletter

In todays post we're looking at Q3 updates coming to SkillStation!

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22 Jun

Discovering your A-Players

Identifying, recruiting and developing A-Players can make the difference in seeing considerable success and growth within your organisation. In todays post, we look at how to identify and develop these key players.

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14 Apr

Bouncing back from Covid-19 stronger, better and fitter!

These unprecedented times will define who we are in terms of how we respond to these extraordinary and challenging circumstances.  It is time for leadership and a proactive response.  To support this, we’re hosting a series of FREE webinars

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6 Apr

Newsletter 2020 Q2

An update on Think Eleven company news and performance for quarter two, 2020.

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24 Mar

Developing a transformational competency framework

In todays vlog, Darren Race will be explaining the transformational benefits of developing a competency framework.

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26 Feb

Are you leveraging the full value from your people?

A short video discussing how the value of your people can be measured, and what world-class looks like.

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12 Feb

Make Performance Appraisals Work!

5 tips to transform your performance appraisals, and key considerations to optimise this important and valuable process.

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20 Jan

Think Eleven Newsletter 2020 Q1

A review of 2019, and exciting opportunities ahead: SkillStation rebrand, outsourced training & development, webinars and master classes, blogs & vlogs, and our office move

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13 Jan

Beyond Training & Compliance - 5 tips to make good people into amazing employees

The majority of people we work with are good at heart, but are they great employees? Bearing in-mind that any organisation's biggest ongoing cost is payroll, are you leveraging value from this vitally important and expensive resource?

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9 Dec

Lean Practice - Making Improvement Work

We welcome and endorse the White Paper from Aaron Penwill of The LEAN Practice. The paper explains in pragmatic terms how to ‘Make Improvement Work’.

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7 Nov

Skills Matrix - what should it include and what software do I need?

What is a skills matrix? Why do you need one? What should it include to provide maximum value to your organisation?

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31 Oct

Boost productivity with a Fika

For most people, coffee is a means to an end. A way of getting into overdrive to tackle a mile-long to-do list or an inbox bursting at the seams. This isn’t the case in Sweden. It’s Fika.

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12 Sep

Why spreadsheets aren't suitable for storing your training data

A look at the reason why spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel aren't suitable to store training and competency data, and why many organisations choose to use them anyway.

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12 Sep

5 Tips to Optimise your Approach to Training & Development

Is your training and development activity transactional or transformational? If it’s transactional (box ticking) it is unlikely to be adding value to your organisation or those being developed.

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