What is a competency library?

A competency library provides a range of competencies expressed and aligned with the scope and context of your organisation, sector and functional roles. Your competencies in some cases may align with a professional body or range of professional bodies aligned with your sector. The range of competencies may also be defined or influenced by the legislative or regulatory framework in which your organisation operates. There will be some areas specific to your activity, i.e. product and/or service, which will be unique and therefore you will need to develop these competencies in-house.

Not necessarily, it depends on the status of your current records of training and development and what you are aiming to achieve. However, where gaps exist and appropriate examples exist, they can be adapted to suit your needs and help accelerate your journey towards your own competency framework. Referring to an existing competency library can also help define the scope, standard and areas of consideration to help guide and shape your approach to an optimal outcome.

We have existing examples and templates that we can share with you. Some content and aspects of our content may be perfectly suitable and align with roles and functions of your organisation already. Some may simply require slight modification. Most importantly, using our template and approach will support the accelerated migration of data into SkillStation, therefore accelerating your overall project plan.

For organisations in the early stages of competency framework development, we have developed a competency library (template) for you to review, refine and adopt where appropriate. If there are any gaps, we can support the development of new competency frameworks aligned to your sector, functions and areas of priority.

Whatever the current state of your competency framework, we can provide as much help as required to ensure success.

SkillStation with support from Think Eleven will take you on a journey from:

  • Skills matrices in the form of Excel spreadsheets
  • Training records both electronic and paper files

Our team at Think Eleven have the ability and expertise to help you identify and define the competencies required to help your people and organisation flourish. Using our in-house tools and processes we will help you define a Competency Framework which is fit for purpose, robust and supportive of your strategic plan and objectives in the short, medium and long-term. Our approach will up-skill you in order to maintain and sustain this approach independently of Think Eleven.

SkillStation provides the functionality to express, define and assess capability and proficiency against a range of competencies. The very first step is to develop a range/suite of competencies which underpin the delivery of the product(s) and/or service(s), and align with your strategy and objectives.

The following categories of competence should be developed for any organisation, regardless of sector or size:

Core competencies

These fulfil three criteria:

  1. Provide and maximise potential access to a wide variety of markets
  2. Make a significant contribution to the perceived customer benefits of the end product/service
  3. Difficult to imitate by competitors


Includes your induction/on-boarding process, QSHE training and other competencies that affect all employees regardless of hierarchy, role and location.


Primarily focused on the technical capabilities and tasks related to each role/function. These are often influenced by the sector in which you operate. A company's core competencies may include precision skills that help it build a core product, but may also be useful in making related products.

Leadership & Management

Often overlooked or poorly defined, but critical to the success of any organisation. Managers and leaders set the strategic direction and manage the resources required to deliver/execute the plan and objectives.


Define how you deliver your product and/or service, and can often help differentiate you amongst your competitors. Employees demonstrating the right behaviours can be essential when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.


Can also link or underpin the Core Competencies, and might include attributes such as:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Proactiveness

SkillStation provides the ability to store, standardise and review your competency framework over time including the ability to print and report on your whole competency library and the different attributes of each skill and competency within it.

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