Assessment Records

Ensure proficiency, deliver impact and breeze through audits

Records of all Assessment Types

Assess your people both online, or on-the-job to assess both competence and knowledge awareness using a range of assessment methods.

Skills can be configured to support a range of different assessment type(s), that can be weighted to signify their value in relation to that skill e.g.

  • Training Course = 25% weighting
  • Multiple Choice Assessments = 25% weighting
  • Manager Assessment = 50% weighting

Assessment Types

The following assessments come as standard including the option of self-service to reduce any unnecessary admin burden. Examples of assessment options include:


Multiple Choice Quiz

The questions and answers can be randomised to reduce the possibility of cheating. Images can be added to bring them to life and provide clarity.

Point & Click

Uses images for the assessment. This could be photo of a product or a schematic of your building. Employees simply click on the relevant area of the image based on the questions asked.


Allows employees to assess/rate their own proficiency for skills, competencies or values. This is then moderated by line-managers or appropriate people.

Wider Assessment Options:

The possibilities are limitless, and vary based on your industry/organisational requirements. Bespoke organisational assessments can also be created to suit your industry, sector and regulatory requirements. Some typical assessment examples include:

Short Answer Questions

People submit their answers online, which are then marked by an appropriate person


Can be hugely powerful when used to demonstrate applied learning and skills.

Line-manager assessment

Record and comment on the outcomes of practical or on-the-job assessments.

On-the-Job Training

Capture this widely used and effective way of training.

Practical Assessment

Capture evidence of practical ability e.g. a task.


Assess and provide feedback on a range of skills e.g. management and/or leadership competencies.

You decide how much information to capture

As each new assessment is undertaken, SkillStation will record this activity in each person’s history. SkillStation can optionally store a variety of valuable information, such as:

  • Date & outcome (their score or result)
  • The required level of proficiency (e.g. targets)
  • Location and training provider details (internal or external)
  • Duration and cost (multiple currencies supported)
  • Certification and evidence documents

Detailed and Accessible Information

Each person’s assessment history is easily viewed within their training record, or through the powerful reporting tools:

  • Ensure people are trained, and have demonstrated the required level of proficiency
  • View skills to identify evidence of competence/non-competence, or training needs
  • Identify where retraining/re-assessment is due, or is now overdue
  • Establish costs and time invested on training and assessment activities

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