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What is a Skills & Safety Passport?

A skills & safety passport is a document that provides a quick point of assurance to confirm that the employee has met the required targets/standards imposed on them. Targets may be specific to a role and/or function, and the document itself may be offline or online.

Some sectors/industries have developed and adopted skill and safety passports to streamline their ability to demonstrate that employees, and in some cases contractors and sub-contractors, are both trained and competent to operate in line with their role.

Does my organisation need skills & safety passports?

Sectors that typically utilise a skills/safety card or passport include:

  • Large sites where access control and health & safety are of paramount importance
  • Organisations where there are high numbers of contractors and/or sub-contractors to manage and monitor
  • Organisations where there’s a need to check that minimum levels of proficiency exist before accessing site
  • Organisations where sector or role specific skills are a minimum requirement
  • Organisations who send their staff to customer sites and the customer needs to verify their level of proficiency

What are the benefits of a skills & safety passport?

Skills & safety passports can provide quick access and verification to demonstrate that a person has the pre-requisite knowledge, skills, certification and competence to enter a site and carry out their duty.

Why are Think Eleven the perfect organisation to help with skills & safety passports?

We have partnered with an ID card provider/printer to offer bespoke cards. We will first ensure that your competency framework and skills provide you with the key data that you require visibility of. Our SkillStation competency management solution will then be utilised when ID cards are scanned using a mobile device (see below).

Why is SkillStation the perfect tool to assist with skills & safety passports?

Recognising how some sectors/organisations need to operate, we have designed and included an optional module within SkillStation to support skills and safety passports. These cards incorporate a QR Code that can be scanned by authorised personnel to view a person’s skills and competency record. In addition, supporting evidence documentation (such as certification) is also available.

Employee Safety and Skills Passport
Establish if an employee is trained and competent to the right standard, while away from your desk. You can also see if they have the correct certification in-place.
Contractor Safety and Skills Passport
Quickly check if a contractor has the right training, skills and competencies by scanning the QR code on their site badge or label printed from SkillStation, or ordered from our ID card provider.
Contractor Site Access
No more sitting in a portacabin or office going through the site safety video every time they visit site. The security guard or site controller can quickly scan the contractors QR code to see when they last completed the site induction. This allows them to get straight to work.
Rapid access to live online data
Quickly and easily access training, skills and competency information from any internet enabled device e.g. smart phone or tablet. Quickly scan and securely access information about any employee or contractor.

All of the SkillStation skills passport functionality is designed to comply with the GDPR.

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