Career Planning

Gap analysis for individuals & line-managers against job role requirements

Optional SkillStation Add-On Module

Intuitive gap analysis against job role expectations

The optional Career Planner add-on module provides colleagues with the ability to perform gap analysis against their current proficiency status.

This gap analysis is generally performed against skills and proficiency levels that have been linked to a job role, but can also be performed against any predefined sets of skills. This enables people to take ownership of their personal development, and proactively seek to close gaps that will empower them to reach their career goals & aspirations.

Gap analysis against job role requirements

The career planner will display all skills and target levels for a specified job role. The person’s existing skills, proficiencies and gaps will display alongside this, providing a powerful matrix of results and optional graphical chart.

Find training events to close gaps

If the Event Calendar add-on module is being used, SkillStation will search for any training events scheduled in the training calendar that link to the gaps found. People can then easily reserve their place to attend, or request this to be approved.

Action plan items to close gaps

If the Action Plan add-on module is being used, SkillStation will provide a shortcut link to create action plan items (actions required/requested to close the respective proficiency gap).

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