Effortless skills gap analysis against job role expectations

Discover skills gap analysis tools with our optional Career Planner add-on module, which empowers individuals and line-managers to assess proficiency status against current and future job role expectations.

This analysis primarily aligns with skills and proficiency levels associated with specific job roles, but is also flexible enough to accommodate any predefined sets of skills. This capability can allow individuals to take ownership of their personal and professional growth, allow the proactive closure of workforce skill gaps, and can give foresight of potential single-point failures.

Gain comprehensive insights into career trajectory with the Career Planner module. Easily visualise all skills and target proficiency levels associated with a specified job role.

Clear comparisons with your existing skills, proficiencies, and identified gaps are shown, offering a matrix of results. Additionally, leverage optional graphical charts to enhance your understanding and make informed decisions about your professional development journey. The features and insights delivered within our competency management system, SkillStation, goes far beyond what conventional training matrix software offers.

If you're utilising the Event Calendar add-on module, SkillStation seamlessly integrates with your training calendar to identify relevant training events corresponding to identified skill gaps. Individuals can conveniently reserve their spot for these events or request approval from line managers, directly through SkillStation, streamlining the training enrolment process and helping to effectively closing skills gaps though upskilling and professional development.

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If the Action Plan add-on module is being used, SkillStation will provide a shortcut link to create action plan items (actions required/requested to close the respective proficiency gap).

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