Saving you time and money

Software integration is a great way to reduce administration burden and reduce the risk of error, while saving time and money.

API Connectors

SkillStation has a number of API connectors for securely transferring data, with new functionality being developed all the time. For example:

  • Automatically import people data from your HR/ERP system to create/update your SkillStation records
  • Automatically export key reporting metrics for use in external reporting/dashboard tools

Bespoke middleware for reliable data transfer

Some HR/ERP systems can be very bespoke to a particularly organisation, or may not reflect the SkillStation data structure (e.g. data fields representing an object such as a person or place). When this happens, our designers can create middleware to read your data and re-map it into the correct SkillStation structure, while also performing any necessary validation.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss integration requirements. If possible, please check first with your external software provider to ensure that their systems can support integration.

Image of a SkillStation dashboard

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