Powerful performance reviews that create meaningful impact.

Create and deploy objective and evidence-based performance appraisals. This includes 360° feedback where required. Develop bespoke appraisal templates for different roles, functions or situations, all scheduled when required.

Create fit-for-purpose performance appraisal templates aligned to the roles and hierarchy within your organisation. Because each organisation is different, SkillStation allows you to create as many performance appraisal templates as required to carry out meaningful and engaging performance reviews.

All appraisals are underpinned by the skills and competencies defined in your competency framework, providing an objective and evidence-based foundation for talent management and people development.

Your well-structured performance reviews can include:

  • Review of the previous objectives, actions and training & development needs
  • Assessment of performance against organisational values
  • Technical assessment and appraisal based on (and evidenced from) the employees skills & competency record
  • Development Plan focused on gaps in an employee’s Skills & Competency Record
  • Career planning
  • Long-term development
  • Overall outcome/result
  • Agreement and acceptance of the outcome
  • Email notifications when appraisals are due, or are incomplete
  • Provide reporting against appraisal outcomes by person, department, site, division or entire organisation
  • Collate and report on all of the actions, objectives and development needs resulting from the appraisal process
  • Review the cost/investment required to deliver the expectations created during the appraisal process

Eliminate subjectivity and benefit from evidence-based and objective performance management.

For performance appraisal and reviews to create value in the organisation, it is essential that they are done well. The key to a successful performance review is:

  • A clear and shared understanding of the purpose of your organisational performance reviews
  • Competent managers capable of engaging in constructive feedback
  • Making time and planning for the performance review/interview
  • Having the right process
  • Setting the right frequency
  • Defining clear standards of performance and proficiency so the process is fair and consistent
  • Managing expectations and never over-promising and not delivering
  • Evidence and competency-based discussions that are objective and not subjective
  • They are not a substitute for everyday feedback and dialogue

Remember that it’s not just about the process, but the quality of the discussion.

Our highly-experienced team can review your current processes and review. We will advise whether improvements could be made to increase impact:

  • Content review - streamline the process to tease out more value and reduce administration burden
  • Contextual review – explore the benefits of having different appraisals for different roles
  • Value review - deliver greater impact, value and return from your performance reviews

SkillStation will ensure that you get maximum value from your performance appraisal processes.

Providing regular and constructive employee feedback is hugely important, especially if done regularly. Amazing results will be seen in terms of employee performance, motivation and engagement, when done effectively and periodically.

360 degree feedback can be hugely powerful and insightful for those organisations ready to embrace this approach. It is particularly suitable for mature organisations with a well-established culture. If you want to truly gauge and appraise an employee’s performance then it’s important to get a wider perspective. This can be achieved through a wider view of their performance, by taking input from a range of people they interact with:

  • Subordinates – people who report to them
  • Peers – people who work with them
  • Manager – the person they report into
  • Themselves – a personal view
  • Customer – someone internal or external

Use SkillStation to create a range of appraisal templates for different roles and hierarchy.

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