SkillStation has moved to the cloud!

Posted 8/2/2021 by David Clough

This month sees another major milestone for SkillStation – migration to the cloud!

This month sees another major milestone for SkillStation – migration to the cloud! 

As we move from hosting SkillStation on a physical server to cloud based hosting, we are taking a couple of moments to reflect on the key advantages to moving to this exciting new technology. 

Increased security 

We live in a world where technology is moving fast, and whilst this offers exciting new opportunities it also means that hackers other not so well-meaning individuals have more tools to test security with. Protecting our customers skills, training and competency data is of paramount importance to us. Moving to the cloud offers latest in multiple layer data, network, and application security, adding another layer of armour to our exceptionally high security standards. 

Environmentally friendly 

The infrastructure provided by cloud hosting means a negation of the carbon cost of running a local physical data centre. Vastly reduced electricity requirements coupled with many cloud hosting providers powering their networks with renewable energy sources means a move to cloud is much better for protecting our environment. We’re also working toward offsetting our other carbon usage and becoming completely carbon neutral. 

Increased performance 

When compared to the responsiveness of a physical server, cloud hosting makes running reports, uploading / downloading skills & competency data, and navigating SkillStation even faster. Seconds saved quickly begin to add up!

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