SkillStation Client Feedback: Silmid Ltd.

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SkillStation Client Feedback: Silmid Ltd.

Silmid Ltd. gives their feedback on working with Think Eleven and using SkillStation.

At Think Eleven we always aim to go above and beyond for our clients with SkillStation and support we provide. It's always great to hear feedback from clients that this helps them to really accelerate their journey with SkillStation. 

Headquartered in Coleshill near Birmingham, UK, Silmid is a specialist distributor of chemical consumables used throughout aerospace and aviation, supplying customers in over 100 countries for 40 years. Take a read of what they had to say about SkillStation below...


The value and benefits of SkillStation

For Silmid, the real value of Skillstation is being able to easily see our employees’ competency levels in relation to their job profile. Alongside that it has the key benefit of allowing us to see any gaps we have at departmental and company level. Previously this was all a very manual process using our ERP to hold skills against individuals and updating it was manual for each user. Now we can do bulk uploads or amend job profiles, we can also set objectives against skills to give individuals an area to focus on. Before using SkillStation we had to manually create all skills matrices in Excel using spreadsheets. SkillStation can create them in seconds, so the ease of quickly running a report to review data has been simply brilliant for us.

How we’ve found SkillStation

User friendly, intuitive, and quick. We have found that although the initial creation of a competency framework was challenging, it was so worth it to see the result of it coming together where now little maintenance is required. Managers do the maintaining of user skills and objectives. We love all the reports, although some find them easier to run than others, we have created some valuable work instructions to help us and find that support is always there if required. We also love the dashboard and use this information in our monthly manager meetings for KPIs on competency levels across the business.

Support and service provided the team at Think Eleven

Darren Race and the team at Think Eleven have been fantastic through implementation, setup of the system and ongoing support as we began rollout. They have always given advice on best practice and guiding us in the right direction. Since our launch over 6 months ago we haven’t felt we’ve needed much more support as it is so easy to use but we know they are only a phone call or email away and respond quickly if we do.

We are big advocates of SkillStation, and it has changed the way we now think about creating a culture of Learning across our Global business.

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