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The business world is founded on numbers and math. Mathematical mindfulness can help eliminate costly errors, drive profit and generally lead to greater confidence and better decisions. It’s therefore vital for business people to be comfortable with the most important and frequently-occurring features of the discipline. We can help you with that.

The course covers practical mathematics to support business productivity - from basic numeracy through to the maths that enables sound financial management, estimation, forecasting and decision making.

Using guided examples, videos and constant application to realistic scenarios, our course carefully teaches you the skills required to transform math from a hazard to be feared into a weapon to be utilized.

Learning Outcomes

  • Master simple calculations using arithmetic, fractions, percentages and powers.
  • Use maths to describe and solve real-world problems.
  • Apply maths for common financial applications such as credits and debits, interest, tax and investment appraisals.
  • Use mathematical techniques to visualise and interpret data sets to draw out insight.


  • Professionals at all levels.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Unit 1.1 - Getting Started

Section 2: Simple Calculations

  • Unit 2.1 - Be Confident with Numbers
  • Unit 2.2 - Fractions
  • Unit 2.3 - Decimals
  • Unit 2.4 - Percentages
  • Unit 2.5 - Ratios
  • Unit 2.6 - Representing Fractional Numbers
  • Unit 2.7 - Powers and Roots
  • Unit 2.8 - Tools for Arithmetic

Section 3: Problem Solving with Maths

  • Unit 3.1 - Estimation and Accuracy
  • Unit 3.2 - Equations - Mathematical Models
  • Unit 3.3 - Dealing with Chance

Section 4: Financial Applications

  • Unit 4.1 - Debts and Debits
  • Unit 4.2 - Interest
  • Unit 4.3 - Investment Appraisal

Section 5: Working with Data

  • Unit 5.1 - Graphs
  • Unit 5.2 - Handling Data


5 Hours

Date last updated
5 Hours
Suitable Devices
  • PC
  • Phone
  • Tablet
Audio is Required
  • Yes
Includes Video
  • Yes
Downloadable Resources
  • Practice Exercise
  • Transcripts
Completion Criteria
  • Pass final test
  • Visit all pages
Pass Mark
  • None
Course Technology
  • HTML5
  • SCORM 1.2
  • English
Accreditation or Endorsements
  • CPD
Customisation Available
  • No

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