Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow eLearning Course

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Every businessperson wants to be a success, and to be a success in business you need to make money. To keep your business running day to day, you’ll need a steady supply of green to pay your suppliers, settle your bills and keep the taxman happy. But how do you do it?

To help maintain a healthy cash flow you could rob a bank. Or you could choose some of the more tried, tested and… legal approaches. Before you don your mask and stripy jumper, take a look at some of the ways to ensure you get paid on time, how to manage your outgoings, and how to make use of technology to help you get ahead.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe what cash flow means
  • Recognise the benefits of a healthy cash flow
  • Demonstrate how to maintain a healthy cash flow

Why should I take this course

If you run a business, or if you’re thinking of starting one up, then this course will help you keep it running smoothly. You’ll learn what cash flow is, how to maintain one, and what the benefits of a healthy cash flow are. So, put down your balaclava and blowtorch, and get comfortable.

Date last updated
20 Minutes
Suitable Devices
  • PC
  • Phone
  • Tablet
Audio is Required
  • Yes
Includes Video
  • Yes
Downloadable Resources
  • Workbook
Completion Criteria
  • Visit all pages
Pass Mark
  • None
Course Technology
  • HTML5
  • SCORM 1.2
  • Closed Captions
  • English
Accreditation or Endorsements
  • CPD
Customisation Available
  • No

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