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Human Resources eLearning Courses

56 found:

Course title Publisher Training duration
Absence Management MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Behavioral Interviewing Talent Quest 15 Minutes
Bullying and Harassment Engage in Learning 36 Minutes
Changing Difficult Behaviour el:Talking 20 Minutes
Conducting a Performance Review Engage in Learning 24 Minutes
Conflicts of Interest Training Marshall E-Learning 30 Minutes
Cyber Security Essential Skillz 1 Hour
Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Essential Skillz 45 Minutes
Discipline and Grievance Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Discipline and Grievance Engage in Learning 33 Minutes
Drugs and Alcohol at Work iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Engage in Learning 49 Minutes
Equality and Diversity Essential Skillz 45 Minutes
Giving Effective Feedback el:Talking 30 Minutes
Hiring Right First Time MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Home Working Essential Skillz 35 Minutes
How to Have an Honest Conversation iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Improving a Negative Attitude el:Talking 20 Minutes
Internet, Email and Social Media Essential Skillz 45 Minutes
Interpersonal Communication styles el:Talking 30 Minutes
Interview Skills Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Interviewing Skills 100pc Effective 1 Hour
Interviewing Skills Talent Quest 15 Minutes
Introduction to Human Resources Edcomm 1 Hour 30 Minutes
IR35 - Off Payroll Working Engage in Learning 15 Minutes
Managing Change When the Future is Uncertain el:Talking 20 Minutes
Managing Reactions to Change el:Talking 45 Minutes
Note Taking at Interviews e-learning WMB 1 Hour
Onboarding New Employees Part 1 Vado 3 hours
Onboarding New Employees Part 2 Vado 3 hours
Onboarding New Employees Part 3 Vado 3 hours
Pandemic Procedures Essential Skillz 15 Minutes
Providing Resources for Success Vado 4 hours
Psychologically Informed Environments e-learning WMB 45 Minutes
Recognizing Employees Vado 2 hours 30 minutes
Recruiting Talent Quest 15 Minutes
Retaining Your Employees Vado 4 hours
Right To Work MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Selection Talent Quest 15 Minutes
Simple Coaching Techniques el:Talking 20 Minutes
Stress Awareness Essential Skillz 50 Minutes
The Constructive Performance Review Discussion el:Talking 40 Minutes
The Four Basics of HR iAM Learning 20 Minutes
The Grievance Meeting el:Talking 20 Minutes
The Ideal Performance Review el:Talking 20 Minutes
The Informal Performance Review el:Talking 20 Minutes
The Legal Aspects of Interviewing Vado 25 Minutes
The Recruitment Process Maguire Training 30 Minutes
The Return to Work Interview el:Talking 20 Minutes
The Selection Interview el:Talking 30 Minutes
Training For Non Trainers Module MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Treating Customers Fairly Essential Skillz 40 Minutes
Virtual Interviews iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Whistleblowing MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Whistleblowing Engage in Learning 21 Minutes
Workplace Violence Edcomm 3 Hours

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