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Health and Well-Being eLearning Courses

79 found:

Course title Publisher Training duration
Anxiety iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Ask for Help iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Attachment and Separation Anxiety iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Being Kind to Yourself iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Benefits Of Good Sleep MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Combatting Imposter Syndrome iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Coping with Isolation iAM Learning 5 Minutes
Creativity MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Crisis prevention iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Cyberbullying iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Dealing with Stress iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Dealing With Stress MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Dealing with Stressful Situations iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Dealing with Suicidal feelings iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Dementia & Mental Health Awareness Programme Qube Vision 5 Hours 30 Minutes
Depression and Low Mood iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Don't Fail Fast, Fail Mindfully iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Empathy MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Everyday Energy Module MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Exam Stress iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Healthy Living MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Healthy Living Awareness Essential Skillz 25 Minutes
How to Have a Conversation about Mental Health iAM Learning 5 Minutes
How To Support Yourself And Others With Mental Health MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Introduction To Mental Health MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Lets Talk About Mental Health MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Letting Go MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Life Balance MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Managing Mental Ill-Health 20-20-Learning 40 Minutes
Managing Emotions MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Managing Mental Health Essential Skillz 55 Minutes
Managing Stress Learning Planet 10 Minutes
Menopause awareness for colleagues Henpicked 30 Minutes
Menopause awareness for line managers Henpicked 30 Minutes
Mental Health Awareness Qube Vision 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Mental Health Awareness Essential Skillz 50 Minutes
Mental Health Awareness Me Learning 45 Minutes
Mental Health Awareness Dynamic Business 30 Minutes
Mental Health First Aider iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Mental Health Module MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Mindfulness Engage in Learning 15 Minutes
Mindfulness MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Mindfulness Essential Skillz 1 Hour
Mindfulness at Work Filtered 4 Hours
Mindset MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Nutrition Essential Skillz 25 Minutes
Nutrition & the Human Body Qube Vision 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Panic Attacks iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Paranoia iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Personal Agility MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Physical Activity Essential Skillz 30 Minutes
Positive Mental Health Awareness Engage in Learning 45 Minutes
Question Thinking: The Key to Transforming Mindsets and Results Mindscaling 35 Minutes
Raising Resiliency Mindscaling 45 Minutes
Recognising And Managing Anxiety MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Relaxation MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Relaxation iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Resilience Essential Skillz 1 Hour
Resilience Me Learning 1 Hour
Responding to Difficult Events iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Self Care Dynamic Business 20 Minutes
Sexual Harassment at Work Learning Planet 10 Minutes
Sleep Essential Skillz 25 Minutes
Sleep Problems iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Social Media & Self Image iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Social Media Screen and Teens iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Stress & Resilience Pathway Training Learning Planet 1 Hour
Stress Management IT Corner 4 Hours
Stress Management Dynamic Business 30 Minutes
Tackling Mental Health Stigmas And Discrimination MicroLearn 15 Minutes
The Importance of Sleep iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Turn Off Work Thoughts During Free Time iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Warning Signs iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Work Life Balance IT Corner 4 Hours
Working with Mental Ill-Health 20-20-Learning 30 Minutes
Workplace Mental Health iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Workplace Wellbeing Me Learning 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Worry and False Thinking iAM Learning 10 Minutes

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