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71 found:

Course title Publisher Training duration
Act SMART - Set objectives that take you places WalkGrove 10 Minutes
Adaptability and Flexibility iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Assert yourself - Stand up for your own needs and opinions WalkGrove 10 Minutes
Attitude Individual Learning Planet 10 Minutes
Being Assertive Learning Planet 10 Minutes
Being your Best Self iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Bring Your Whole Self To Work (Authenticity) iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Building Your Personal Brand - Stand Out with a Strong Personal Brand 100pc Effective 1 hour
Career Planning MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Coaching on Performance 20-20-Learning 45 Minutes
Collaborative Problem Solving iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Confidence iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Confidence MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Continuous Learning iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Dealing with Grievance Issues e-learning WMB 50 Minutes
Dealing with Performance Issues e-learning WMB 40 Minutes
Decision Making Pack Learnit Anytime 20 Minutes
Effective Time Management Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Effective Time Management Skillshub 20 Minutes
Effective Time Management CPL Learning 25 Minutes
Executive Skills Mindscaling 45 Minutes
Find your role MicroLearn 15 Minutes
First Impressions MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Giving Constructive Feedback Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Growth Mindset iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Increasing Your Contribution at Work Vado 4 hours
Innovation Mindscaling 45 Minutes
Kicking the Bad Habits iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Know Your Worth iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Make It Happen Mindscaling 50 Minutes
Managing Performance Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Managing Performance e-learning WMB 45 Minutes
Mental Health Awareness Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness e-learning WMB 25 Minutes
Money Management and Responsibilities e-learning WMB 25 Minutes
Navigating the Sale Edcomm 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Personal Power Mindscaling 50 Minutes
Personal Productivity iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Planning Your Own Development MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Positive Thinking MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Problem Solving Module MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Productivity MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Productivity Pack Learnit Anytime 20 Minutes
Recognising Privilege iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Redefine your Personal Average iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Resilience MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Small Acts of Confidence Mindscaling 12 Minutes
Small Acts of Innovation Mindscaling 12 Minutes
Small Acts of Kindness Mindscaling 16 Minutes
Small Acts of Personal Mastery Mindscaling 16 Minutes
Speaking Up For Yourself iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Spelling and Punctuation Module MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Stress e-learning WMB 40 Minutes
Taking Initiative IT Corner 2 Hours
The English Sentence Module MicroLearn 15 Minutes
The Power of Passion and Perseverance iAM Learning 10 Minutes
The Role of Luck iAM Learning 20 Minutes
Theories of Motivation Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Time Management iAM Learning 10 Minutes
Time Management Engage in Learning 40 Minutes
Time Management MicroLearn 15 Minutes
Time Management IT Corner 3 Hours
Time Management Real Projects 20 Minutes
Time Management Edcomm 2 Hours
Time Management Essential Skillz 50 Minutes
Time Management Dynamic Business 20 Minutes
Time Management Pathway Training Learning Planet 1 Hour
Time, Tasks and Planning Skills Maguire Training 30 Minutes
Value and Purpose MicroLearn 15 Minutes
What first? - The art of prioritisation WalkGrove 10 Minutes
Where did the day go? - Recognise what wastes your time WalkGrove 10 Minutes

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